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Chemical Composition: Paraquat Dichloride 24% SL
Dosage: 3.33 ml per liter of water, 50 ml per 15-liter pump, 500 ml per acre spray
Description: Weed Control Solution by Gamizone is a non-selective, contact herbicide highly effective in eradicating a wide array of weeds found in various crops. It comes in soluble liquid (SL) form and is directly applied onto the foliage of targeted weeds.

Non-selective Nature: Displays efficacy against all encountered plant species upon contact, making it suitable for managing broadleaf weeds and grasses.
Contact-Based Action: Targets only the plants it comes into contact with, ensuring safety around non-target plants.
Rapid Action: Quickly eliminates weeds within hours of application, ideal for controlling swiftly proliferating weed populations.
Extended Residual Activity: Provides long-lasting weed control, persisting for up to 30 days post-application, continuously managing weed growth.

Efficient Weed Management: Demonstrates effectiveness against a broad spectrum of weeds, encompassing both broadleaf and grassy species.
Safe Application: Poses no threat to non-target plants, ensuring the safety of crops during use.
Cost-Efficiency: Offers a cost-effective solution for weed control requirements, leading to overall cost savings.
Targeted Weed Types: Broadleaf and Grassy Weeds

Applicable Crops: Soybean, Corn, Cotton, Sugarcane, Non-cultivated Areas


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