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Chemical Composition: Abamectin 1.9% EC
Method of Application: Spraying
Dosage: 1 ml per 1 liter of water or 150 ml for 200 liters of water per acre.
⁃ Ninja Plus, produced by Crystal Crop Protection Limited, is an exceptionally effective insecticide and acaricide.
⁃ It functions through contact and stomach poison action, ensuring comprehensive pest control.
⁃ Ninja Plus provides long-duration protection, ensuring sustained efficacy against pests.
⁃ It is formulated to be used independently without mixing with other pesticides.

Mode of Action:
Ninja Plus exhibits strong translaminar activity, allowing it to penetrate leaf tissues and target pests through both contact and stomach action. This dual mode of action ensures optimal control of pests, resulting in effective pest management.

Target Pests:
Ninja Plus effectively targets a variety of pests, including yellow mites, red mites, red spiders, two-spotted mites, and others.

Target Crops:
Ninja Plus is suitable for application on a range of crops such as brinjal, chili, tea, cotton, rose, and more.

Ninja Plus, with its potent formulation of Abamectin, offers reliable and long-lasting protection against pests, making it a valuable asset in pest management strategies for various crops.


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