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Chemical Composition: Azoxystrobin 18.2% + Difenoconazole 11.4% SC
Dose: 1 ml per litre, 15 ml per Pump (15 litre pump), 200 ml per Acre Spray (200 Litre water)
Mode of Action: Systemic
Description: It effectively addresses a wide array of fungal diseases in crops, ensuring comprehensive protection and promoting healthier plants, ultimately maximizing crop yield. Rely on Vision’s Amitop for dependable and efficient fungal control in your agricultural practices

Features & Benefits:
Cutting-edge Formulation: Amitop Fungicide features an advanced formulation that combines multiple active ingredients for heightened efficacy.
Comprehensive Protection: Provides broad-spectrum protection against various fungal diseases, ensuring holistic crop health management.
Systemic Action: Exhibits systemic action, penetrating plant tissues to deliver enduring protection from both surface and internally originating fungal infections.
Rainfast Performance: With its unique formulation, Amitop Fungicide delivers rainfast performance, maintaining effectiveness even after exposure to rain or irrigation.
Curative and Preventive Action: Acts both preventively and curatively, addressing existing infections while thwarting the development of new fungal diseases.
Synergistic Combination: The synergistic combination of active ingredients maximizes efficacy against resistant strains, ensuring reliable control of challenging fungal pathogens.
User-friendly Formulation: Easy to handle and apply, the user-friendly formulation of Amitop Fungicide simplifies the application process for growers.
Enhanced Crop Quality: Contributes to improved crop quality by preventing yield losses associated with fungal infections, resulting in better marketable produce.
Trusted Brand: As a product from Vision, a renowned name in the agricultural industry, Amitop Fungicide upholds a reputation for quality and innovation.

Amitop Fungicide Uses & Dosage:
• The recommended dosage of Amitop Fungicide for various crops is as follows:
Chilli: 200 ml per acre for Anthracnose & Powdery mildew
Tomato: 200 ml per acre for Early & Late blight
Rice/Paddy: 200 ml per acre for Blast & Sheath blight
Maize/Corn: 200 ml per acre for Blight & Downy mildew
Wheat: 200 ml per acre for Yellow rust & Powdery mildew
Cotton: 200 ml per acre for Leaf spot & Grey mildew
Turmeric: 200 ml per acre for Leaf blotch, Leaf spot & Rhizome rot
Onion: 200 ml per acre for Purple blotch, Stem phylium blight & Downy mildew
Sugarcane: 200 ml per acre for Red rot, Smut & Rust

How to Use Amitop Fungicide:
• Follow these steps to use Amitop Fungicide effectively:
Read Label Instructions: Carefully read the instructions on the product label before using Amitop Fungicide.
Wear Protective Gear: Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, during application.
Accurate Mixing: Mix Amitop Fungicide accurately according to the recommended dosage for optimal effectiveness.
Optimal Weather Conditions: Apply Amitop Fungicide during favorable weather conditions, avoiding windy or rainy days for better results.


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