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Amrut Plus


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Mode of Action: Amrut Plus establishes a symbiotic relationship with plant roots.
Dosage: 1 kg per acre
Amrut Plus nurtures a mutually beneficial relationship with plant roots, operating as a Mycorrhiza-based fertilizer. It assists in the efficient mobilization of key macronutrients such as Phosphorus and various micronutrients like Zinc, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium. Through promoting enhanced water absorption in roots, Amrut Plus enhances drought resistance.

Key Features and Advantages:
1. Facilitates the absorption of vital plant nutrients, aiding in the expansion of feeder roots.
2. Enhances soil health by boosting organic matter content.
3. Increases resilience to drought and various environmental stresses.
4. Provides a cost-effective alternative to chemical fertilizers, thus reducing expenses.
5. Boosts crop yield, improves produce quality, and subsequently boosts farmer income.

Usage Guidelines:
Amrut Plus is ideally applied during sowing or transplanting to optimize its benefits.


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