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Chemical Composition: Sulphur 55.16% SC
Description: Boost is a water-based liquid sulphur fungicide with contact and protective action, also exhibiting acaricidal activity.
Dosage: 2.6 milliliters per liter of water, 40 milliliters per 15-liter pump, 400 milliliters per acre spray
1 liter per acre through drip/drenching.

⁃ Outstanding management of powdery mildew across various crops.
⁃ Demonstrates effective miticidal properties.
⁃ Provides essential sulphur nutrient to crops.
⁃ Offers a cost-effective solution for controlling powdery mildew and mites.

Target Diseases: Powdery Mildew, Rust, Leaf Spot, and other fungal diseases.

Target Crops: All field and horticulture crops.


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