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Chemical Composition: Wild plant extract: 10%, Organic matter: 30%, Acid insoluble silica: 60%
Dosage: Distribute Chokidar repellent granules evenly along the field borders or infested locations at a rate of 3 kg per acre.


⁃ Mix 1 liter of Bio Don with 100 liters of fresh water.
⁃ While filling the sprayer, filter the diluted solution.
⁃ Spray around the crop field within a width of 2-3 feet and 1 foot away from the crop.
⁃ Pre-wet the surface with water before spraying the diluted Bio Don liquid.
⁃ Maintain surface moisture by wetting it once a week during dry weather conditions.

⁃ Dilute Bio Don with water in a 1:2 ratio in a tub and soak cotton or jute rope for a minimum of 4 hours.
⁃ Tie the soaked rope around the crop field at a height of 1 foot.
⁃ Wet the rope once a week during dry weather conditions.
⁃ Choose the method that best suits the crop area.
⁃ Wild boars can be effectively repelled for at least 45 days if the procedure is strictly followed. Maintaining moisture is crucial
for optimal results.

⁃ Keep away from children, foodstuffs, and contact areas.
⁃ Use protective goggles and hand gloves during application.
⁃ Wash your hands thoroughly for 5 minutes with detergent after spraying.
⁃ Refrain from smoking or eating while spraying.

Recommended Crops: All crops




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