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Chemical Composition: Glyphosate 41% SL
Dosage: 1 Litre
Mode of Action: Glyphosate inhibits the EPSP synthase enzyme crucial for plant growth.
– Disruption of the shikimic acid pathway leads to depletion of essential amino acids in targeted weeds.
– Systemic action ensures thorough herbicidal impact by translocating within the plant, effectively controlling both annual and perennial weeds.
Description: Round Off Herbicide by Bayer Monsanto is a powerful post-emergence solution for non-selective control of both annual and perennial weeds. This versatile herbicide effectively targets unwanted vegetation in various crops, showcasing its adaptability in weed management. With a glyphosate concentration of 41%, Round Off exemplifies Bayer Monsanto’s commitment to providing efficient weed control solutions for agriculture. Its soluble liquid formulation ensures easy application directly onto the leaves of targeted weeds.

Features & Benefits:
• Here are some benefits and features of Round Off Herbicide:
Non-Selective Control: Targets a wide range of both annual and perennial weeds.
Post-Emergence Application: Designed for use after weed emergence, ensuring precise weed management.
Versatile Crop Compatibility: Suitable for application across various crops, providing flexibility in agricultural practices.
Soluble Liquid Formulation (SL): Facilitates easy application to weed leaves, ensuring efficient absorption and action.
High Glyphosate Concentration (41%): Maximizes potency for enhanced weed control.
Comprehensive Weed Management: Integral part of a robust strategy for thorough weed control.
Proven Effectiveness: Backed by Bayer Monsanto’s reputation for delivering reliable herbicidal solutions.

• Recommended usage and dosage for Round Off Herbicide:
Usage: Spray only on bunds and borders of the field if there is a standing crop, and directly on the weeds in fruit crops.
Target Weed: Annual and perennial weeds, grasses, and broadleaf weeds.

How to Use Round Off Herbicide:
• Follow these steps for effective use of Round Off Herbicide:
Read Instructions: Review label instructions before using the herbicide.
Protective Kit: Wear suitable protective gear, including gloves and goggles, during application.
Accurate Mixing: Mix the herbicide precisely according to recommended dosage.
Weather Consideration: Apply in optimal weather conditions, avoiding windy or rainy days.
Equipment Maintenance: Clean equipment thoroughly after application.
Enhance Results with IFC Super Sticker: Use IFC Super Sticker for improved effectiveness.


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