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Chemical composition: Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG
Mode of Action: Contact, Systemic & Vapour
Product Dose: 2.5 gm/litre, 40 gm/Pump (15 litre pump), 500 gm/Acre Spray (200 litre water)
Description:Tebasul Fungicide by Excel Sumitomo is an innovative solution designed for crop protection. Formulated with a unique blend of 10% Tebuconazole and 65% Sulphur, it delivers superior control against a broad spectrum of fungal diseases. This fungicide ensures optimal crop health and yield, making it a trusted choice for farmers seeking reliable and sustainable agricultural solutions.

Features & Benefits:
• Here are the benefits and features of Tebasul Fungicide:
Dual Action Formula: Combines Tebuconazole and Sulphur for comprehensive fungal protection.
Broad Spectrum Control: Targets a wide range of fungal diseases for versatile crop protection.
Water Dispersible Granules (WG):
Ensures easy mixing and application, facilitating efficient use.
High Purity Tebuconazole: Provides potent antifungal action against pathogens, promoting crop health.
Sulphur Boost: Aids in disease prevention and control while enhancing plant vigor.
Rainfast: Maintains effectiveness even after exposure to rainfall.
Systemic Action: Translocates within the plant for thorough protection against fungal diseases.
Optimal Disease Management: Controls and manages fungal diseases effectively for increased crop yields.
Enhanced Crop Quality: Promotes healthier plants and improved crop quality.
Cost-Effective Solution: Comprehensive protection potentially reduces the need for multiple products.
Long-lasting Protection: Residual activity ensures prolonged defense, reducing the frequency of applications.

Uses & Dosage:
• Refer to the recommended dosages for various crops listed below:
Chilli: 500 gm/Acre (Target diseases: Powdery mildew & Fruit rot)
Soybean: 500 gm/Acre (Target diseases: Leaf spot & Pod blight)
Mango: 300 gm/Acre (Target disease: Powdery Mildew)

How to Use:
• Follow these steps for the application of Tebasul Fungicide:
Read Label Instructions: Thoroughly read the instructions on the product label.
Wear Protective Gear: Use appropriate protective gear like gloves and goggles.
Accurate Mixing: Mix accurately according to the recommended dose for effectiveness.
Optimal Weather Conditions: Apply during favorable weather conditions, avoiding windy or rainy days for optimal results.


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